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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – May 14th, 2019

Football: Pro Football Focus Data Study: Coverage vs. Pass Rush. Football Outsiders Introduces Targets Above Expectation. Football Perspective looks at Which Receivers Played On The Most Efficient Passing Offenses (Through 2018). Football Outsiders’ 2018 Adjusted Games Lost: Part I. Football Perspective analyzes Average Height of Defensive Backs and Wide Receivers. Football Perspective lists The Worst Team Passing Attacks In NFL History.

Baseball: Evan Weiss shares his senior thesis: The Effect of Weather on Catcher Framing in Major League Baseball. FanGraphs examines: Are Starters Improving Relative to Relievers? FiveThirtyEight ponders Batters Are Getting Plunked At Historic Rates. But Why?. BeyondTheBoxScore investigates The Christian Yelich dimmed light conspiracy theory. Tom Tango’s Statcast Lab: Infield Defense, part 1 of N. Andrew Kyne visualizes shortstop range. FanGraphs on The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Team Defense So Far. Mark Simon finds home run robberies are up…at least recently. FanGraphs writes about The Art, Science, and Psychology of Catcher Framing. Hareeb al-Saq says Trust the barrels. BeyondTheBoxScore points out The sinker is continuing its slow fall.

Basketball: Forbes article: Can Data Help The Golden State Warriors Slow Father Time? The Minneapolis Star Tribune asks Can Wolves find the next big thing in basketball analytics? Nylon Calculus: Did lottery reform actually curb tanking? FiveThirtyEight on How The Warriors Finished The Rockets and Where The Rockets Go From Here.

Soccer: StatsBomb Data, One Year On. American Soccer Analysis on The Evolution of MLS Penalty Kicks (and How to Fix Them).

Your moment of R: Namita Nandajumar’s presentation material for Analyzing hockey data in R . Michael Lopez offers an overview of R for NFL Analysis. BaseballWithR post on Home Runs and Run Production.

Conferences: StatsBomb’s Introduction to Analytics for Professional Football is offered June 1st in New York and Coaching and Analyzing Set Pieces is offered June 2nd. The same two classes are available June 10 and 11 in London.

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