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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – May 21st, 2019

Football: Ben Baldwin takes you inside the NFL Analytics dark web. Daniel Chu’s NESS presentation on Identifying Routes in the NFL. Football Perspective explains the difference between Winning The Rushing Battle — and Winning The Game. Football Outsiders’ 2018 Adjusted Games Lost: Part II. Football Perspective examines How Often A Passing Game Flips The Outcome vs. How Often A Running Game Flips The Outcome. Football Perspective’s Implied SRS Ratings (and Strength of Schedule Ratings) for the NFL in 2019.

Baseball: Alex Vigderman writes that Despite Yet Another Shifting Surge, Hitters Still Aren’t Beating It. Bill James introduces Runs Created by an Individual Hitter in a Game. FanGraphs tries to answer Are Plate Discipline Breakouts for Real? Bill James’ research on Measuring Changes in the Quality of Play based on the Decline Rates of Hitters. FiveThirtyEight announce The Strange Dynasty Of The San Francisco Giants Is Over. (Yes, It Was A Dynasty.). BeyondTheBoxScore ponders If velocity is good for pitchers, is it bad for hitters?. Tom Tango’s Statcast Lab: impact of the wall and/or going back on Catch Probability. FanGraphs’ Further Adventures In Starting vs. Relieving. Mark Simon investigates whether fielders dive more with a potential no-hitter on the line. BeyondTheBoxScore points out Service time manipulation is as blatant as ever. Indy Star article on Notre Dame baseball’s fledgling analytics program.

Basketball: Nylon Calculus’ Warriors-Trail Blazers win probabilities, assist maps, style charts and the same for Bucks-Raptors. FiveThirtyEight says Portland Has Its Own Splash Brothers. Bloomberg piece on Ivana Seric’s analytics role with the 76ers.

Soccer: StatsBomb Breaks Down Set Pieces: Picks, Packs, Stacks and More. American Soccer Analysis: Hiding Behind Possession: FC Dallas’ Youth Experiment.

Hockey: Hockey Graphs Projects NHL Skater Contracts for the 2019 Offseason. FiveThirtyEight discusses whether The Sharks Can Win The Stanley Cup With Historically Bad Goaltending.

Golf: FiveThirtyEight says Tiger Woods Used To Be One Of Golf’s Longest Hitters — Until The Sport Caught Up and Brooks Koepka Would Have Made History Whether He Won Or Lost.

Tennis: Heavy Topspin writes about Roger Federer, Lottery Winner.

Check out these Pythons: Ryan Davis’s tutorial for a play by play parser.

Your moment of R: Ryo Nakagawara’s R code for a Goal-Contribution Matrix for the Premier League.

Conferences: StatsBomb’s Introduction to Analytics for Professional Football is offered June 1st in New York and Coaching and Analyzing Set Pieces is offered June 2nd. The same two classes are available June 10 and 11 in London.

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