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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – May 23rd, 2017

Football: Football Perspective publishes Positive Air Yards per Attempt: 2017 Update. Football Perspective introduces The Sam Bradford Index.

College Football: Football Study Hall reveals the Secrets of Snyder-ball: The DL.

Baseball:  FanGraphs thinks Curiosity Might Kill the Home-Run Spike. Baseball Prospectus . FiveThirtyEight believes The Fly Ball Revolution Is Hurting As Many Batters As It’s Helped. FanGraphs writes that It’s Time for a Pitcher to Throw 80% Breaking Balls. Sports Illustrated adds Forget velocity, the curveball’s resurgence is changing modern pitching. Bill James studies the correlation between Your Current and Final Won-Lost Record. The Hardball Times examines The Physics of Choking Up. Baseball Prospectus Baseball Therapy: How Long Can You Keep a Secret? FiveThirtyEight says The Orioles Always Win More Than They Should. There’s A Reason For That. BeyondTheBoxScore’s Henry Druschel writes Why I don’t like DRA. FanGraphs asks What Can Statcast Tell Us This Early in the Season? FiveThirtyEight  points out The Best Teams Of Baseball’s 2015 Season Are Bums In 2017. FanGraphs on How to Beat Statcast’s Hitting Metric.

Basketball: Nylon Calculus Bravely stares down the radar chart backlash. FiveThirtyEight on The Beautiful Chaos Of The Warriors’ Offense. Nylon Calculus Projects 3-point shooting for 2017 NBA Draft prospects. FiveThirtyEight with a piece on The LeBron James School Of Driving. Nylon Calculus with more on Possessions being overestimated lately.

Hockey: Hockey Graphs Friday Quick Graphs: Update on Predictive Relationships. Corsica on The Art of WAR. Hockey Graphs with an article on Improving Opposition Analysis by Examining Tactical Matchups. Hockey Graphs looks at Who’s Getting Drafted This Year.

Soccer: American Soccer Analysis covers NYCFC, Expected Goals, and Fantasy Sports. FiveThirtyEight wonders What Would Happen If The English Premier League Had Playoffs? StatsBomb Revisits Radars.

Lacrosse: Moneyball Lacrosse examines the Lizards’ Late Shot Clock Zone Defense.

Your Moment of R: BaseballWithR gives code to analyze Who is Going to Win the Batting Crown.

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