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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – May 30th, 2017

Football: Football Perspective examines How The Early 2017 Mock Drafts Stacked Up Against Reality. Football Outsiders publishes 2016 Passing Plus-Minus. Football Perspective shows Which Teams Had the Most Consistent Rushing Attacks In 2016. Football Outsiders lists Adjusted Interceptions 2016.

College Football: The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective on the relationship between Recruiting Money and the Pursuit of Blue-Chip Talent.

Baseball:  FanGraphs on Joey Votto and the Mounting Evidence of a Fly-Ball Movement. Baseball Prospectus’ Circle Change: Truth Comes to the Mound by Zach Crizer. Tom Tango’s Statcast Lab: Speed pitch-by-pitch within a plate appearance. The Hardball Times on whether Managers Should Save Their Challenges. BeyondTheBoxScore says The Houston Astros are onto something. FanGraphs reports MLB’s Pace and Time of Game Are Moving in the Wrong Direction. FiveThirtyEight adds that Pitchers Are Slowing Down To Speed Up.

Basketball: Nylon Calculus writes that Smart rotations are key to beating the Golden State Warriors. FiveThirtyEight says LeBron James Destroyed Our Elo Ratings, But Can He Beat The Warriors Again? Nylon Calculus thinks that The Warriors might be the most volatile team ever. FiveThirtyEight article: The Cavs Are Built For LeBron.

Hockey: Own The Puck Hero Charts – Player Evaluation Tool.

Soccer: American Soccer Analysis evaluates MLS Goalkeepers or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the BOB. StatsBomb Creeping Forward: Improving Shot Location.

Tennis: Heavy Topspin on the impact of Bouncing Back From a Marathon Third Set.

Your Moment of R: BaseballWithR analyzes Pitch Selection, Entropy, and Establishing the Fastball.

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