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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – May 24, 2016

Football: Mike Tanier on Which of the NFL’s ‘Dumbest’ Strategies Are Smarter Than You Think.

College Football: FootballStudyHall on the most explosive and efficient rushers in college football in 2015.

Baseball: FanGraphs Fun With Early-Season Park Factors. FiveThirtyEight says Don’t Leave, Big Papi. Baseball Prospectus Feature: Overcoming Negativity by Jonathan Judge. FanGraphs on The Cause of Lengthening MLB Games. BeyondTheBoxScore with A look at over 100 of the top draft eligible prospects. on Understanding Bayesian A/B testing (using baseball statistics). FanGraphs on One Way to Use Statcast as the Future of Evaluating Hitters.

Basketball: FiveThirtyEight writes that The Historically Great Warriors Got Historically Crushed. Nylon Calculus Patterns in All-NBA Team voting. FiveThirtyEight says The Warriors’ Defense Might Send Them Back To The NBA Finals. FiveThirtyEight predicts Karl-Anthony Towns And The Timberwolves Are The Future.

Soccer: American Soccer Analysis Modeling Tactics: Finding the most proactive team in MLS.

Hockey: The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective on No Momentum for Marc-Andre: Why Fleury Should Not Start Game 5 for the Penguins.

Your Moment of R: BaseballWithR posts Graphing Pitch Count Effects – Part III. Bill Petti wrote R code for scraping in-season pitcher and batter boxscores.

Conferences: Society for American Baseball Research to hold SABR 46 July 27-31 in Miami.

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