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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – May 31, 2016

College Football: FootballStudyHall on TCU’s secret weapon.

Baseball: FanGraphs On the Shrinking Strike Zone and Lengthening Games. FiveThirtyEight on Who’s Hitting The Ball Harder This Year, And Who’s Just Getting Lucky. Baseball Prospectus on The Kind of Offense That Shows Up Once a Decade. ESPN article on the increase in Hit Batters. FanGraphs notes Matt Carpenter Has Taken the First Pitch of Every Game. BeyondTheBoxScore says Clayton Kershaw is on the verge of history. Harvard Business Review on What a Minor League Moneyball Reveals About Predictive Analytics. BeyondTheBoxScore on Three of the most fluky 2016 statistics. Baseball Prospectus Feature: Why Is College Baseball A Statistical Wasteland. The Hardball Times says Uncompetitive Minor League Wages Might Be Deterring Talent. Adam Yudelman paper on Predicting Swing and Miss Percentage for Pitchers Using Pitch f/x Data.

Basketball: FiveThirtyEight writes prior to Game 6 that Stephen Curry Doesn’t Have His Shot Back. Nylon Calculus lists The NBA’s best closers. The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective on whether the Celtics Shiuld Trade the No. 3 Pick for Okafor. Nylon Calculus with Draft Projections and Visualizing Predictors for the 2016 NBA Draft. Hardwood Paroxysm writes Waiting for Superman: Anthony Davis’ “Disappointing” Season. FiveThirtyEight says The Thunder Are On A Historic Playoff Run. Nylon Calculus asks What does small ball look like? The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective on whether Final Four Stars Overvalued in the NBA Draft. CMU Tartan Sports Analytics publishes CONTROLLING THE PACE DOESN’T HELP NBA TEAMS WIN GAMES.

Soccer: American Soccer Analysis on Why the West is better than the East: they take better (but fewer) shots. StatsBomb on Serie A 2015/2016: Final Review.

Golf: Wall St. Journal article on how Golf’s version of Moneyball changing the game.

Your Moment of R: BaseballWithR posts Graph of Pitch Count Transitions.

Conferences: Society for American Baseball Research to hold SABR 46 July 27-31 in Miami.

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