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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – November 10, 2015

Football: Joey Faulkner asks Are NFL officials biased with their ball placement? Football Outsiders on Short vs. Stick Throws.

College football: In Bill Connelly’s Varsity Numbers, he Revisits the Perfect Playoff.

Baseball: Understanding the Bayesian approach to false discovery rates (using baseball statistics). Boston Globe reports Battle between scouting and analytics continues. FanGraphs reveals The Worst Called Ball of the Season. And The Worst Called Strike of the Season. Eno Sarris with The Best Changeups of the Year by Shape and Speed. Hardball Times On the Nature of the Strike Zone in Two and Three Dimensions.

Basketball: Nylon Calculus on The Long-Term Impact of A Top-5 Draft Bust. Nylon Calculus Deep Dives: Measuring Level of Competition Around the World and Fancy Dribbles. Nylon Calculus examines Defending drives.

College basketball: Ken Pomeroy unveils #ShootersClub 2016.

Soccer: writes about Chelsea’s Historically Awful Start.

Hockey: A.C. Thomas on The March to WAR: Quantifying Player Contributions in Ice Hockey.

Your moment of R: Brian Mills takes An Exploratory Look at Dykstra’s Claims. A two-hour introduction to data analysis in R.

Check out these Pythons: Beyond the Box Score shares Statcast scraper and vizualization examples.

Conferences: Sloan Sports Analytics Conference 2016 tickets are on sale now. Seeking nominations for 2016 SABR Analytics Conference Research Awards.

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