Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – November 17, 2015

Football: FiveThirtyEight’s Benjamin Morris on why, For Once, My MVP Isn’t Peyton Manning. The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective asks Which is the Best Division in the NFL?

College football: From Bill Connelly’s Varsity Numbers, Fun with QB Radars.

Baseball: Alan Nathan with a fascinating piece on Hardball Times: Optimizing the Swing. BeyondTheBoxScore.com says The strain of WAR you use can dramatically affect your perception of a player. FanGraphs points out that Joey Votto Is the Best at Another Thing. Detroit Tigers to hire former Apple executive Jay Sartori to run analytics. FiveThirtyEight says The Gold Gloves Are Finally Going To The Best Fielders. Also from FiveThirtyEight, The Offer That MLB Players Always Refuse, Even When They Shouldn’t.

Basketball: FiveThirtyEight writes that No Team Has Ever Started A Season Hotter Than This Year’s Warriors.  Nylon Calculus Re-introduces an NBA Statistical Player Comparison Tool.

College basketball: Ken Pomeroy’s Early hot take on the new rules. Nylon Calculus Freelance Friday: NCAA Speed Index.

Soccer: AmericanSoccerAnalysis reports that Wages are still the best predictor of results in MLS. Also, an article on How to Evaluate Defenders Using Data.

Conferences: Sloan Sports Analytics Conference 2016 tickets are on sale now. Seeking nominations for 2016 SABR Analytics Conference Research Awards. Miscellaneous Sports Economics Topics on the schedule for the upcoming Southern Economic Association Conference.

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