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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – November 14th, 2017

Football: Football Outsiders tries to answer Do Thursday Games Cause More Injuries? finds Coaches Are (Still) Getting (Slightly) Better On 4th-And-1 . Football Perspective on The Jets, Jaguars, and Completion Percentage and First Downs.

College Football: Football Study Hall’s Week 11 Five Factors box scores. Football Perspective’s Week Eleven (2017) College Football SRS Ratings: Miami Plays Game Of The Year.

Baseball: FiveThirtyEight remembers Roy Halladay as The Greatest Pitcher Of His Generation. FanGraphs announces We’ve Reached Peak Shift. Bill James posts on Strong and Weak Classes of MVP Candidates. The Hardball Times looks at The Future of Versatility: A Tool for Platoon Advantage. FanGraphs writes about The Dodgers’ Framing Surplus. The Hardball Times with an article on Accounting for the “No Nulls” Solution. FanGraphs with analysis showing Pitch-Framing Data Is Going Insane.

Basketball: Justin Jacobs with a tutorial on Bradley-Terry Rankings: Introduction to Logistic Regression. Nylon Calculus points out It’s not small ball, it’s skill ball. The 94 Feet Report finds Players are Taking it to the Rack this Season. The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective reviews The biggest NBA All-Star snubs of the past three years. Nylon Calculus offers  An early look at rookie shot charts.

College Basketball: Eli Boettger from Heat Check writes that Friday’s Opening Day Was An Uncompetitive Mess.

Hockey: HockeyGraphs’ Hockey Analytics Data Sprint Wrap Up. FiveThirtyEight examines Can An NHL Player Finally Score 50 Goals In 50 Games Again?

Soccer: FiveThirtyEight says Italian Soccer Is On The Brink Of Disaster.

Your moment of R: BaseballWithR’s Tribute to Roy Halladay – Master of Short Games.

Conferences: The Midwest Sports Analytics Meeting is November 18th at Central College (Pella, IA).

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