Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – November 21, 2017

Football: Football Perspective with an updated take on Adjusted Completion Percentage. FiveThirtyEight looks to answer Is This The Worst Year For Quarterback Injuries?

College Football: FiveThirtyEight goes through The College Football Playoff’s Doomsday Scenarios. Football Study Hall’s Week 12 Five Factors box scores. Football Perspective’s Week Twelve (2017) College Football SRS Ratings: Alabama Climbs To #1.

Baseball: MVP voting means it’s officially WAR debate season. Bill James offers his views on context and WAR and a follow-up. FanGraphs has its view. Baseball Prospectus Feature: Bill James vs. The Noise. Tom Tango Re-Leverages Altuve and Judge. Neil Greenberg has his take. Meanwhile, Joe Posnanski opines on dWAR. FanGraphs writes that The Winter’s First Trade Shows How the Game Is Changing. The Hardball Times on Rethinking the Win Curve.

Basketball: Justin Jacobs with Minnesota Timberwolves Offense: Stability, Screens, and Mid-range Game. NBA Math says The Key to Kyrie Irving’s Defensive Rise with the Boston Celtics: Effort, Effort and More Effort. The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective examines What Happens to NBA Players When They Age? Nylon Calculus offers  Adjusts NBA team ratings for strength of schedule.

Hockey: FiveThirtyEight wonders What’s Wrong With Sidney Crosby?

General: The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective looks at Which Major North American Sports League Suffers Most From The “Big Market Effect”.

Your moment of R: BaseballWithR  shows you how to Generate Hit Probabilities from Statcast Data.

Conferences: Netherlands Sports Analytics & Sports Tech Meetup on November 22nd.

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