Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – November 8, 2016

Football: FiveThirtyEight says Dak Prescott Is Already Playing About As Well As Tony Romo Ever Has. Football Outsiders asks Where Did All The NFL Parity Go? FiveThirtyEight names Matt Ryan Midseason MVP. FiveThirtyEight writes that The Broncos Pass Defense Is Somehow Even Better This Season.

College Football: Football Study Hall with A new look at college football tempo. FiveThirtyEight on How They’re Predicting The 2016 College Football Playoff.

Baseball: FanGraphs on The Postseason’s Quieter Pitching Revolution. FiveThirtyEight on Theo Epstein’s Curse-Breakers. FanGraphs says Ben Zobrist Will Not Be Underrated by the History Books. Tom Tango offers up WAR Marcels … WARcels? The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective with the All-Time Most Pivotal Plays in the World Series. The Hardball Times Scouts the Scouting Directors, Part 2.

Basketball: Nylon Calculus on The evolution of 3-and-D. FiveThirtyEight on whether The Warriors Can Break Basketball Again. Nylon Calculus writes about The forgotten genius of Ray Allen.

Soccer: StatsBomb introduces Passing Motifs: Identifying Team and Player Passing Style. American Soccer Analysis examines whether Steve Clark Is a Good Fit for Columbus.

Hockey: Hockey Graphs Behind the Numbers: Why Plus/Minus is the worst statistic in hockey and should be abolished. The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective on Why Auston Matthews Debut is More Rare Than You Think.

Your moment of R: BaseballWithR with Statcast Defensive GAM: 2015-2016.

Submissions: Presentation abstracts for 2017 SABRanalytics in Phoenix due by November 14th.

Conferences: Central College hosts he Midwest Sports Analytics Meeting on November 19th. Hockey Graphs and Vancouver Canucks Co-Host Vancouver Hockey Analytics Conference 2017 on March 11, 2017.

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