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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – October 10th, 2017

Football: Predictive Football writes that Running from Shotgun Formation Works, Even in Short Yardage. Football Perspective’s Completion Percentage and Passing First Down Percentage, Part I and Part 2. Football Outsiders’ 2017 ALEX: The Early Results.

College Football: Football Study Hall’s Week 6 Five Factors box scores. FiveThirtyEight explains How Their 2017 College Football Playoff Predictions Work. Football Perspective’s Week Six (2017) College Football SRS Ratings: The SRS Is Back!

Baseball: FanGraphs’ Quick Review of How Playoff Offense Has Worked. FanGraphs rates All the Playoff Teams. The Hardball Times displays Hitter Aggression, Visualized. Beyond the Box Score finds The pressure and stress of the postseason brings with it an uptick in velocity. Tom Tango’s Statcast Lab: WOWY Battery. FiveThirtyEight notes Starters Are Getting Shelled — And Getting Pulled Early — This Postseason. Baseball Prospectus examines Are We Bullpenning Or Not?

Basketball: The 94 Feet Report on The Next Evolution in NBA Offense: Scoring Without Dribbling.

College Basketball: Eli Boettger from Heat Check writes that Returning Deep-Shooting Duos Are Usually Disappointments. Is Marquette’s Trio Immune?

Hockey: Emmanuel Perry  at Corsica publishes his detailed work On Salad and Predicting Hockey Games.

Soccer: American Soccer Analysis piece on Expected Goal Chains: The Link between Passing Sequences and Shots.

Your moment of R: The Hardball Times reviews Jim Albert’s book on Visualizing Baseball .

Conferences: October 17-18 SportsTechNYC  in New York. The 2017 RIT Hockey Analytics Conference October 21st in Rochester. The first Carnegie Mellon Sports Analytics Conference October 28th in Pittsburgh.

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