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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – January 15th, 2019

Football: Josh Hermsmeyer: You Called A Run On First Down. You’re Already Screwed. Football Perspective points out 2018 Is The Most Offensive-Powered Final Four Ever. Football Perspective reminds us The Patriots Have Been Favored In 69 Straight Games Under Tom Brady. Football Outsiders’ 2018 ALEX: Season Review.

College Football: Football Outsiders’ FEI Final Ratings.

Baseball: Ben Lindbergh says Statheads, Rejoice: Hall of Fame Voting Is Starting to Make Sense. FanGraphs explains A’s Revenue Sharing Money Heading Back to the Yankees. Bill James On Un-Earned Runs. John Dewan discusses The Hall of Fame Value Standard. Beyond the Box Score writes It’s time to stop the stigma around ten-year contracts. Tom Tango’s Of Spray Angles, FIP, and xWOBA part 1 and part 2. The Hardball Times writes about Using Called Strikes to Find Sleeper Prospects: Catchers. FiveThirtyEight writes that During Slow Offseasons, The Brewers Keep Finding Deals . FanGraphs: Yankees Go a Different Route on the Infield. Tom Tango explains Augmented Hit Probability for Statcast: batter-runner speed and Slight update to Catch Probability. Bill James on Age Productivity Research.

Basketball: Justin Jacobs’ True Shooting Percentage Part I: Introduction and Framework for Advancement. Nylon Calculus visualizes The AAU to college player pipeline. FiveThirtyEight offers one way to quantify the ups and downs of an NBA fan base: Reddit. Nylon Calculus: No one shoots 3-pointers like James Harden.

College Basketball: Jordan Sperber’s latest podcast. Nylon Calculus examines the net coaching positivity of a few college coaches.

Soccer: American Sports Analysis on Turf and Injuries: The Data Hurts. StatsBomb on Raheem Sterling, Mohamed Salah and the Fight Against Easy Narratives.  American Sports Analysis ranks MLS’ Best Foreign Goalkeepers. FiveThirtyEight ponders Can Christian Pulisic Possibly Live Up To The Hype?

Hockey: Hockey Graphs on Penalty Goals: An Expanded Approach to Measuring Penalties in the NHL. Hockey Graphs Revives Regularized Adjusted Plus-Minus for Hockey.

Tennis: Heavy Topspin on Ivo Karlovic’s Survival and the Key to Aging in Men’s Tennis. Heavy Topspin looks at The Big Four and Grand Slam Title Blocks.

Your moment of R: BaseballWithR offers A Comparison of Two Seasons: 1968 and 2018.

Conferences: The Lacrosse Virtual Summit runs January 14-17.

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