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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – October 23rd, 2018

Football: Football Perspective analyzes Week 7 Passing Stats: The Rookies Play Like Rookies. FiveThirtyEight says Todd Gurley Is In The Right System At The Right Time. Football Perspective’s Concentration Index: Which Passing Attacks Are Spreading It Around? Paul Noonan at Acme Packing Company has compiled a list of which teams call their timeouts early, and which do a good job of saving them for the end of the half.

College Football: Bill Connelly’s Week 7 Five Factors box scores. Football Perspective’s Week Eight (2018) College Football SRS Ratings. Massey-Peabody’s College Football Playoff projections: Ohio State loss introduces a little chaos.

Baseball: FanGraphs: Adventures in Playoff Leverage and Win Probability Added. Bill James’ Disappointments and Surprises Part 1. Baseball Prospectus Flu-Like Symptoms: Facing a Lineup of Trouts. John Dewan’s 2018 Fielding Bible Awards Preview Part I and Part II. FiveThirtyEight shows How The Red Sox And Dodgers Made It To The World Series, In One Chart. Beyond the Box Score on Why we overvalue blocking in the postseason. Meanwhile, FanGraphs says Catchers Aren’t Catching the Ball. The Hardball Times list of Split Stat Hall of Famers. Tom Tango’s thoughts on Pitching WAR for non-pitchers, Batting WAR for pitchers. FanGraphs on The Best World Series Money Can Buy. The SIS blog examines which pitchers are best at hitting the catcher’s target.

Basketball: Nylon Calculus is finding NBA offenses are surprisingly awesome in the new season. Justin Jacobs’ blog posts on The Components of Offense: Turning the Lurk into a Feature and the Curious Tale of 3’s Versus 2’s in the NBA. Jacob Goldstein’s 2018-19 Player Impact Plus-Minus is live. Nylon Calculus attempts to model the right number of 3-pointers to attempt.

College Basketball: Luke Benz updates his NCAA Hoops Prediction Model.

Soccer: Francesca Matano, Lee F. Richardson, Taylor Pospisil, Collin Eubanks and Jining Qin’s joint work on Augmenting Adjusted Plus-Minus in Soccer with FIFA Ratings. StatsBomb’s Can’t Shoot Straight Club, the Premier League’s Biggest Expected Goals Underperformers. FcrSTATS’ “Unique” Passing Model – Explainer & Findings. Marek Kwiatkowski writes about Rethinking shots: generation and conversion.

Tennis: Heavy Topspin on Daniil Medvedev’s Leading Elo Indicator.

Your moment of R: Sean Slavin’s NFLscrapR weekly player data script. Josh Hermsmeyer’s code to test the year-to-year stability of Weighted Opportunity Rating.

Conferences:  On October 26th in London is the UK Sports Analytics Conference 2018.

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