Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – October 30th, 2018

Football: Football Perspective analyzes Interceptions By Win Probability. FiveThirtyEight says Sure, The Rams Are Good. But Are They Historically Great? Football Perspective’s take on Jameis Winston: Great At Picking Up First Downs and Throwing Interceptions. Evan Green’s thoughts on Next Gen Stats xComp.

College Football: Bill Connelly’s Week 9 Five Factors box scores. Football Perspective’s Week Nine (2018) College Football SRS Ratings: The SEC and B10 Stand Out. Massey-Peabody’s College Football Playoff projections: It’s Clemson, Alabama and a bit of chaos. Football Outsiders’ FEI Week 8 Ratings and Adjusted Possession Advantage.

Baseball: FanGraphs on The Recipe for the Red Sox’ Secret Sauce and puts The 2018 Red Sox in Historical Context. Bill James’ Disappointments and Surprises III. Baseball Prospectus Baseball Therapy: The Openers Are Coming, The Starters Are Fine. Tom Tango’s Statcast Lab: Launch-Angle Angle. John Dewan presents the 2018 Fielding Bible Awards . FiveThirtyEight believes The 2018 Red Sox Are Baseball’s Best Champions Since The 1998 Yankees. Beyond the Box Score looks at whether the Red Sox won the World Series because of two out hitting. The Hardball Times Predicts the 2018 MVP Winners with Machine Learning. Tom Tango’s Statcast Lab Preview: Infield Defense and the power of math. The SIS blog lists the catchers best at stealing strikes.

Basketball: Nylon Calculus Weeks 1 and 2 in Review: Luka Doncic and win projections. Justin Jacobs’ blog post asks Is Scoring Up (Again) in the NBA? Fancy Stats on what’s behind the NBA’s scoring explosion. FiveThirtyEight writes The NBA Is Playing At A Blistering Pace, But The Spurs Are Taking It Slow.

College Basketball: Jordan Sperber video: How to Use Analytics to Drive Basketball Coaching Decision Making.

Hockey: Hockey Graphs tries to answer Should teams pull their goalie on the power play?

Soccer: StatsBomb writes that Guardiola’s Manchester City are Breaking the Premier League. EightyFivePoints examines the willingness to wield the weaker foot.

Your moment of R: Michael Lopez shows how to use NFL team logos using ggimage. BaseballWithR offers code and a data frame to analyze 2018 Swing and Miss Rates.

Conferences:  On October 26th in London is the UK Sports Analytics Conference 2018. The INFORMS Annual Meeting (Sports section) is November 4th in Phoenix. The Sports Analytics Innovation Summit will be held November 8th and 9th in San Francisco.

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