Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – October 31st, 2017

Football: Football Perspective’s Yards per Play Statistics Through Eight Weeks. Neil Greenberg writes that The ‘mother of all stats’ is high on the Chiefs, but not the Patriots. The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective analyzes Catch Rate Regression to Mean.

College Football: Football Study Hall’s Week 9 Five Factors box scores.

Baseball: The 2017 Fielding Bible Awards. FanGraphs says MLB Might Have Another New Ball and Controversy. Bill James’ Top 100 Relievers of All Time. FanGraphs asks So What Do We Think About Bullpenning Now? Beyond the Box Score’s thoughts on that crazy World Series Game 5 while FanGraphs points out Game Two Was Objectively, Historically Crazy. FiveThirtyEight believes This Astros-Dodgers World Series Is Already One Of The Best Ever. Baseball Prospectus’ Flu-Like Symptoms: The Biggest World Series Upsets.

Basketball: Justin Jacobs with a tutorial on Kinematics of Player Motion. Nylon Calculus on In-game consistency in the young NBA season. Nylon Calculus finds Traveling violations are way up. Nylon Calculus Explores early season trends with usage charts.

College Basketball: Eli Boettger from Heat Check finds that Tennessee Has More Chances Than Any Other Team To Make The NCAA Tournament.

Soccer: American Soccer Analysis on MLS’ Imbalanced Schedule: Talkin’ Bout The Revolution.

Conferences: BaseballWithR summarizes the first Carnegie Mellon Sports Analytics Conference. The Midwest Sports Analytics Meeting is November 18th at Central College (Pella, IA).

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