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Weekly Sports Analytics News Roundup – September 26th, 2017

Football: Football Perspective writes about Alex Smith And The Biggest QB Career Turnarounds and What We Can Learn From Alex Smith’s Transformation From Draft Bust. FiveThirtyEight asks Do Toothless Offenses Like The Bengals’ Ever Recover? Football Outsiders’ Turf Type and NFL Injuries: Part II. FiveThirtyEight writes Dick Vermeil Retired A Decade Ago. Will You Please Stop Using His Damn 2-Point Conversion Chart? Football Outsiders on Clutch Field Goals or Are the Chargers Cursed? Predictive Football wonders How Is Deshaun Watson Currently Second in ESPN’s QBR?

College Football: Football Study Hall’s Week 4 Five Factors box scores.

Baseball: Wall Street Journal article on How Tracking Technology Helped Baseball’s Best Fielding Outfielder. FanGraphs on What Strikeouts Have Taken from Baseball. The Hardball Times explains The “R” in WAR. Tom Tango’s Statcast Lab: DIPS, OF Positioning and pitcher skill. Beyond the Box Score examines Does playing in a soft division affect a team’s postseason abilities? FanGraphs looks to answer For How Long Can Hitters Keep Pace?

Basketball: Nylon Calculus Projects 2017-18 NBA season win totals and Uses math to predict the 2017-18 NBA MVP race.

College Basketball: Heat Check says No Championship-Winning Coach Has Ever Fallen Harder Than Tubby Smith. Purdue basketball adds ‘math guy’ in new analytics position. Heat Check requests all to Stop Calling 2018 A Make-Or-Break For Sean Miller (he could have Jamie Dixon’s NCAA Tourney record).

Soccer: StatsBomb’s work on a passing ability model. StatsBomb on Set Pieces and Market Efficiency.

Your moment of R: BaseballWithR’s final Stanton Home Run Prediction.

Conferences: October 17-18 SportsTechNYC  in New York. The 2017 RIT Hockey Analytics Conference October 21st in Rochester. The first Carnegie Mellon Sports Analytics Conference October 28th in Pittsburgh.


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