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Brayan Pena among leaders in framing out of zone strike threes

I’m reading “Big Data Baseball” right now and one of the market inefficiencies Pittsburgh identified was the ability to frame pitches. Russell Martin was their “greek god” of framing pitches. Daren Willman of just tweeted out the most recent data on catchers that┬áhave framed the most called strike 3s on pitches out of the strike zone. While Yadier Molina checks in at number one, the Reds Brayan Pena is interestingly tied for third. I’m not sure this is indicative of overall pitch-framing ability, but it sure can’t hurt.

RankResultsPlayerTotal Pitches % of Pitches
168Yadier Molina82420.825%
259Yasmani Grandal64520.914%
357Brayan Pena63400.899%
457Chris Ianetta54411.048%

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